[Intro: Prodigy]
The best in the business
Yea, it's about that time, ya'heard?
we the best nigga, we back nigga

[Chorus: x2]
I sit alone in my dirty ass room starrin' at candles
High on drugs - all alone wit my hand on +Mac 10 Handle+
Schemin' on you niggaz

Yo, yo
By myself in my four corner room watchin' +Hard Boiled+
I feel like I'm crazy, my brain on drugs
My bullet proof on run, flats late at the night I'ma look for Cuz
Just ride through his hood, when I see that chump
I'ma jump out the truck, and dump my gun
You ain't neva been do it, so you scared of that kinda shit
Hit me on a song and say - "P pop a lot off shit"
Too much of that Gangsta Muzik, nah this reality rap
I really go through it, in interrogation room, I don't crack
Nigga I don't got none for ya, talk to my lawyer
Shit, nowadays is hard to kill
Be careful where you pull that trigger they got you on film
They got eyes in the sky, we under surveillance
That On Star on your car track everywhere you've been
Gotta watch what I say, they tappin' my cell phone
They wanna sneak and peak inside my home
I'm paranoid and it's not the weed
In my rear view mirror each car they follow me
So I bust rights and lefts, lefts and rights
'Til I stop seeing those Impala headlights
Then I circle my block to make sure it's smooth
Before I go upstairs to my four corner room

[Chorus: x2]

I be alone in my hot ass room
Smokin' dope loadin' bullets in my clip for you
I ain't even wipin' my sweat, it's keepin' me cool
I ain't even sweatin' you niggaz I'ma find you
Eventually it happens like this
At the club with his boys, at the mall with his bitch
Nigga think it's gon' be a fight? PSS! HA!
Death comes to those who wind me up
And you could beg me to stop, but I just keep
Puttin' pressure on the trigger 'til you fast asleep
Like a baby (Son wake up) ain't no maybe
Coulda, shoulda, woulda shot back, you too hasty
I'm so impulsive, I start gunnin' right in front Jesus, Mary & Joseph
(Oh My God!) If that's what it is, nigga I'ma live
You not playin' me like the neighbourhood bitch (Ayo Mary?)


[Outro: Prodigy {Edwin Starr}]
Yea that's right
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Mac 10 Handle Lyrics

Prodigy – Mac 10 Handle Lyrics

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