"All I have to say.."

[Intro: Prodigy Blacck]

.. I aint gotta say much..
They just can't stop...

[Verse 1: Prodigy Blacck]

Who the fuck are you to say I was joking..
When I said I'd kill a cop, they thought I be smokin..
Got 'em at point blank, he sweatin and chokin..
You hear five shots, now everything is broken..
I only had five bullet's, and a 9 millimiter..
Just got off of the pipe, and the twenty liter..
Now you hear my minigun scramblin like a beater..
Feel me? Or do you just want me to die..
Niggas stickin biggie for his paper, as I enzyme..
Take a few pictures of his dead body, then analyze..
Five rounds in through his front and back..
Death to the 5 0 all I gotta say, chokin on his words like his ball sack..
I don't play games, when I say fuck the police..
All of them trying to hang me on trees..
As if I was a illitarate nigga, lookin for food while tied on a leesh..
It aint happenin, after you hear the sad story..
How I killed a cop, took his life, as if he werrent worthy..
You best watch what you say, or die in remenice..
Becuase when I pull the trigger, death is permenent..
All I need to say is fuck the cops, and say it once..
Fuck the cops twice, or is it in my niggas who we trust..

[Chorus x5]

All I gotta say is fuck da police..

All I gotta say..
Is fuck the police, because they took my nigga Jay..
I be on there nuts like Osama with an ak..
Shoot five rounds and demolish my target..
Look at this cracka screamin, he look like he retarded..
I don't know what niggas should do..
Rob cracka ass bitches, and take they timberland boots..
And watch as I explode, shoot niggas down, keep it lose..
You think that you had a few, now you think you hard..
Don't fuck with me and sick, kause it's Y n are..
I don't play around, like stupid little kids..
Fucking with me is like putting your life forself, let's start the bid..
I'll Harass you with my lyrical content, thas all I gotta say..
Because I kill for reason, and I don't play..
I lived life as a mothafuckin hater..
No hands out, snap you up like a allegator..
I know that you don't like my hardcore..
Slam you fuckas down on tha fuckin floor..
Now ya best watch out, before I escalde..
Drop faggot's like you like I do in the ice capade..
Now watch as I put it to ya door..
Like tupac and biggie, it's all world war..
Until one of us finally dies..
Stop telling yourself shit, your life's 20 percent lies..
Because when I am done, no one will help..
I'll beat you down, punchlines the the end of a belt...
Now if you will excuse me, kause ya bout to loose ya vision..
Twenty four shot's into ya head, haha, I am just kiddin..
Fuck with me, fuck with sunny side..
I aint dat nigga, who suck c*** and ask for dick rides..

[Chorus x5]

All I gotta say is fuck da police..
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All I Have To Say Lyrics

Prodigy Blacck – All I Have To Say Lyrics