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Some Just Pretend Lyrics

Proclaiming Cadence – Some Just Pretend Lyrics

Save your breathe
I've heard it before.
You're disappointed in me
Your hopes are shattered on the floor.
But go ahead and say it again
I've let you down
I've failed my friends.

But you don't know me and you don't care
'Cause if you did I'd still be here.
I'll leave this time and I won't return.
There's nothing here but bridges burned.

So here's a little something to remember me by.
It will break you down,
It will make you cry.
It will make you proud and it will make you smile...
It will satisfy your greed for just a little while.

Just like these pills as they help me slip away.
'Cause you left me here and still right here I lay.
I'm dying, I'm dying on the inside,
But you don't know and you don't care... You can't swallow your pride.
You can't swallow your pride.
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