They say, "don't stop believing",
"Give no room to reason",
"Build it and they will come".
I've no quibble with that drivel
It's alright for some.
But I was born in a European nation
In the twentieth century
And what I've seen and what I've learned
Means it's not right for me.

Thy say, "don't stop believing,
'Cause if you stop believing
Very soon you'll regret it".
But what they believe
Is you can believe
And still end up in a fiery pit.
So I sit in this European nation
In the twenty-first century
And I know someone's got it wrong.
Is it them or is it me?

During the deepest darkest nights
I feel that they must be right.
But when I see the morning light
Science wins again.

They say, "don't stop believing,
'Cause if you just believe
Your future's like the shining sun".
I say "I would believe
But there's all these beliefs.
What if I pick the wrong one? "
When I look at the European nations
Down through the centuries,
Every single belief system
Ended up causing grief, incalculable grief.
And if you ask me now
I think that's what I believe.
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I Think That's What I Believe Lyrics

Proclaimers – I Think That's What I Believe Lyrics