[Verse 1: Nyck Caution]
Understand I spit a venomous rhythm
Not a veteran yet
But my pedal to the metal
Revin' up the engine
So dont get offended
When I zoom past ya'
Put numbers on the on the board
Blake Griffin print
Take every thing you got
When they play you like a little kid
When they hostile what does being civil get?
So dont tell me to chill
Dont talk to me about [?]
Be telling me still
I am forever rebuilt
Went from touring around the country to remembering chill
Surprises I get about my memory field
With an image its supposed to be an era we build
But its never been the same
Got a vision we can buy a spot in Beverly Hills
Load a budget and our pockets full of celery still
Commerce commas they teasing, I was coppin' a feel
Then they disappeared fatherless
[?] feel bottomless
Now im here and now is Pro Era
Middle finger straight to the politics
Time to make a shift
Restore reminisce never feel hollow
Start a genesis
Gonna rocket
I know when we are gonna get it all back
Probably better than first time
Let me get the words right
I promise we are gonna get it all back
Way better than the rights time
And I put that on my life

[Justine Skye & Nyck Caution]:
I put that on my life

Who the fuck you are
Who you wanna be
Tell me where you at
Where you really want to be
I just want to be free

[Bridge: Justine Skye]
I just wanna be
I just wanna be
I just wanna be free (Repeat x2)

Free, free (Oh)

[Verse 2: Joey Bada$$]
Guess I ain't so persistent
I choose rise
Realize first instinct
Truth lies behind the scrutinized

Put that on my life
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On My Life Lyrics

Pro Era – On My Life Lyrics