I'm cocky as
I wanna be [cocky as I wanna be]x8

My pockets so heavy it's weighin me down my pockets so heavy it's weighin me down dey say I'm da best so dey gave me a crown yea I'm da best and I'm sayin it loudx2

Who da chick wit da tight flow princess hell yeah it's me bowdown get it right ho I'm da 1 niggas gettin in fight's for trie me onmce and I swing on sight ho I hit targets even with my eyes close nice ass lil waste thick thighs doe I don't creep ima bust yo shit while yo niggas weak gone sneak out da side doe you might kno not 2 take me for a joke but if you don't u'll find out soon doe 2nd guess why dey call me da best ho I got da crown and it won't be let go so I suggest you gone let da rest kno cuz I ain't stoppin till I get my respect ho I say what I got say do it my way fuck what a hatta think I'm da one who own da crome bitch


Why you talking out I ball instead really dats what you supposed to do buckin on bitches cuz I'm never of da conciquences I'm known to rule show improve 2 all of da bitches who seem to think that I was playing around buckin on bitches and layin dem down get crunk in da club when my crew jump around they say I'm da best so dey gave me a crown my pockets so heavy it's weighin me down M O B bitch I'm saying it loud I jump of da stage and I stay in da crowd you got yo crew and dey savin you know yo azz won't last a dya in my town the crowns on my head as I walk through da club throw up dat E cuz I don't give a fuck fuck you niggas run up and get stuck must be in our face when we buck luck is neva a factor wit us back up n get knuck niggs wuz up fuss na'll ima jus knuck fuck ya'll get off my nuts ain't no way I'm stoppin shit princess I'm dat cocky chick up on da stage I rock dat shit bringin da pain I bop you bitch I toss you quick watch me bring out my box of tricks homey for clown I bop you bitch homey don't play dat poppin shit got dat gwap I'm paid I'm straight don't think princess ain't ballin bitch

[Chorus x2]
[Hook x1]
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Cocky Chick Lyrics

Princess – Cocky Chick Lyrics