Hop off the spaceship and now Im on a plane
Dripping in Givenchy so you know Im feeling vain
I be speeding swerving police chasing cutting thru the block
Tryna cash another check before the bank before lock

I got that money on my mind
Aye we be getting paper
Money on my mind
Motherfuck the haters
Money on my mind
Aye we be getting paper
Money on my mind
RIP to all the haters

(Verse 1)
Salvatori Ferragamo you can find that sh** on me
And my diamonds very shiny so you know Im looking clean
Tryna save up for a Maybach, I drive the Benz for now
And I don’t need no credit, got that debit put it down
L'argent n'a pas d'odeur, I dont discriminate
Give me dollar, give me pound, give no fuck its all the same
And they say a ni*** hood rich at least we pull it in
Swiping cards and cashing checks man all I do is spend



(Verse 2)
All I gotta do is put my mind to this sh**
Im bumping to that Drizzy doing doughnuts in the whip
Graphic tees designer tops that say the world is yours
I can have it if I claim it, I accept it Thank you Lord
Young ni*** finally made it came up off the streets
Risotto, scallops, caviar, and steak is all we eat
Im swerving on these bit*** so much traffic in LA
Fu** the road, Im in the sky, you heard it right, Im on my way


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Money On My Mind Lyrics

Princess Vitarah – Money On My Mind Lyrics