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ABCs Of New York Lyrics

Princess Nokia – ABCs Of New York Lyrics

A is for the apple
Take a bite and spit it out
B is for bodega
Eating on your mama couch
Low bazooka
With a Puerto-Rican chula
Says she working in the city and she getting mula
C is for the crib
The cats that call you catch
CBGB's babies sneaking money through the back
D is for the downtown kids that sit in [?]
Skater boys in the park tryna fuck some white chicks
E is for the East Side
Rough Ride, ride or die
Motorbikes from every side
Flying down the FDR
Breaking dutches in the car

G is for the ghetto girl
And rainbow clothes
Baby hairs [?]
Single mothers carry those
Bummy sneakers
What are those?
Get in going golden go
Hunts point got the hottest hopes
In the city
Tragic ropes
Splatter street the bloody holes
Shorty dancing on the pole
Casually it's casual b
Bloody hands with the anatomy

Jehovah witness at your door
Acting like nobody home
TV off, all alone
Hit the door, mama Jonesin' on the phone
Waiting on the tattooed [?]

Low lives, lighting L's
Pouring down for ones they love
Tompkins Square, lower east
Delancey for the deli meats
Y'all come to see a D?

I'm in Manhattan like I'm Woody Allen
Jewish, Puerto-Rican and a little bit Italian
Sitting on the steps outside the Natural History
New York fucking City and I love the history
Everything a melting pot
Every block is fucking hot
83rd the train stop
Open cases [only?] shorty braces
Pick you up on [?] squad
Now they running faces

Pick you up by the park
We was voguing by the pier
Paris burning full of Queens
Hit the Village every year
Rollin' now to the rave
Village Voice, six page
I was diving off the stage
Going now, every day
Stable in the summer, you know it's summertime
[?] eating soul food, singing Doo-Wop every night
Subway trains goin' by
Squad is sittin' St. Marks
Shooting up in Tompkins park
Know it's dirty after dark
Tunnels taking turns
Playing tag on the curb
Touchin' on some titties
Taking change out your purse

Undercover agents I can spot them all away
Yo, I hate the fucking cops
NYPD get away
Underground are MTA
Close my eyes and ride the train
Back and forth on everyday
Anywhere, anyway

Xerox copied [?] stapled onto poser trees
Got a show, come and see
New York is the place to be
Here you go and live your dreams
Livin' in the city you can't be a xenophobe
This the melting pot, and the soup is never cold
Young lords, young lords
They live inside of me
I got a problem B
With white supremacy
Rollin' through my zipcode
One double zero two nine
ABC's of New York, and I'll be doing fine
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