The heart of lover does not lie.
It speaks from love that will not die.
My love is blind but my heart cries,
You see the tears in my eyes...

The cry of heart is such of sort
- Just by one's heart it could be heard.
The special one, who went same road
And knows how love could hurt.

You said that you could read the voice,
That you could hear truth through noise.
Why couldn't you hear cry of love,
Which comes from me to you, my half?

Your kindness towards yours "just friend"
Is killing me on other hand.
Such kindness is quite harmful rather,
- It saves the one and kills another!

I never searched the truth in vine,
But in this case it might work fine.
Instead of seeing my plea sinking
I'd rather shut myself by drinking!

You could deceive yourself in reason
That you just want to keep him breathing,
That your sole purpose is to please him,
But in my heart I hear treason.

You could insist that it's your goal,
But your insistence tells me all...
That you're afraid to tell what's true,
- You need him more than he needs you!

What else might tell you I this night!
You can't deny that I am right!
Just let me stay and taste the misery.
Don't add insult to my heart injury!

The heart in love could not be patient,
It suffers in anticipation!
You say I don't have your trust...
You should believe me! Yes, you must!
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The Heart That Does Not Lie Lyrics

PrinceAlexander – The Heart That Does Not Lie Lyrics