Verse One: (Markie Dee)

One minute you're so fly and now you're busted
Sweetheart, we got a lot to discus kid
Your relationship is wavering
Don't walk away, come here and listen
Cause I speak straight up so they attract
I'm sorry baby but your man ain't all that
Before you verbally stomp me, just wait a sec
And explain why you're always looking wrecked
By now any other lady would have just had it
Looking depressed at battered, shattered
Dreams of you two being the perfect item
The feelings you had try to fight them
Cause your man's a conniver so stay alert
Mark my words you're gonna get hurt
Does your man abuse you physically or mentally?
Change what I put, slavery you need to be free


So maybe you need to swing my way
Markie Dee can do you right in a fly way
I'm the one you should chose
Girl you won't be abused
So maybe you need to swing my way
Maybe you need to swing my way
Markie Dee can do you right in a fly way
Not like the man you're with now, I keep my hands to myself
So maybe you need to swing my way

Verse Two:

Mistreated you like a towel
And when he gets busted he thinks that he's an owl
Your eye is puffy, your jaw is swollen
You shouldn't be smacked, you're made to cuddle and hold an
Cores and snuggle like a Teddy Bear
His attitude's changed, begins to put fear
In your heart, but you depart from being afraid
Many thoughts of leaving were crushed so you stayed
Saying what he did before he won't do again
He wants more of a lover and less of a friend
Catch my drift? You're put to the test so
You refuse and get struck with a left blow
He tells you in a flame way
'That's what you get for rejecting your man' Hey
Now you're crying on the floor
Your man's no damn good, need I say more?


Verse Three:

Now I'm not saying I'm an angel, I got many associates
I treat them all right and appropriate
I'm not talking marriage and settling down
But I can treat you much better than that clown
No matter what I say you still seem to protect him
No matter the amount of times you're hit you respect him
Damn, if you only knew
How much affection could be given to you
If you move the right way which is my way
Forget what your so-called-boyfriend might say
You're too good for his kind
Widen your horizons and focus your mind
On a real man. I won't stress you or keep sweating it
I'll buy your clothes but pay your rent it's kind of pressin it
So tell me, who do you chose?
Here's an alter way then either win or can lose

Chorus (x4)

Maybe you need to swing my way
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Typical Reasons (Swing My Way) Lyrics

Prince Markie Dee & The Soul Convention – Typical Reasons (Swing My Way) Lyrics

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