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Dialogue Lyrics

Prince Daddy & The Hyena – Dialogue Lyrics

I know your friends probably wouldn't like me much
Too bad I don't give a fuck
I don't have a lot to offer
I can stay here a while longer

Nothing against your judgmental entourage
But boy, aren't they a rowdy bunch?
I can tell by the way your mouth moves
You don't wanna do the drugs that they do now

How 'bout we give it a rest, kid?
I heard enough of your talking
I mean, you get a bit restless
But it can wait 'til the morning

You know you're not [?] right?
Even if that's what it feels like
You're just a little bit nervous
I learned that one in a past life
Let's go!

It can wait until tomorrow
I'm done with feeling crazy
I won't be the big tornado
That takes me from my family

Just click those heels together gently
All it takes is three
I'll be on your right shoulder when [?]
[?] come for me

Things aren't all that bad right now
But gravity's bringing me down
Well, I don't [?]
'Cause I've got [?]

We'll ride this out
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Songwriters: Kory Gregory
Dialogue lyrics © LOUSY SONGS PARTNERS

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