When I don't call and you wait
I guess it seems I'm abominal
Then I'm late and I sleep in
I feel like a criminal

Late at night, we're in bed
I can be like a dog
The heating's off, and you're warm
I don't feel like catching a cold

In any case, you don't care
You don't feel like rubbing it in
When I'm outside in the pouring rain
I know you'll let me in

I give you all that I got
You never have to ask
You give me love and I know that it's
The best I'll ever have, and that's why

Hey my babe
I can't sleep when you're not in town
Hope that you know
I get the shakes when you're not around
In my window
You see a sad pathetic clown
I want you to know
I get the shakes when you're not around

Now it's you and it's me
I can't believe we've been alone
Spread apart sharing laughs and tears
Over the telephone

Said and done, set in stone,
You've given me another chance
A thousand miles or one inch
Doesn't make a difference
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The Shakes Lyrics

Priestess – The Shakes Lyrics

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