Lost soul look how you've grown don't ever give up hope you'll find your way home please don't cry don't feel so alone open your true eye and take blood from a stone it's a time to reflect a time to project and accept the recollections of the truths we forget expect a time soon when we'll reconnect don't sweat it slim we'll be together again but for now keep growing and let your chakras spin that's the way it is and always has been let's begin with love we can go from there check the fabric of space-time and search for a tear

bound to ascend I fight the fear of change bound to open I will find my way

I wanna feel somethin' real for once in my life and for this wish I'm willing to make the sacrifice so during the nights I sit and listen to silence so serene amidst all this mindless violence but I found truth in the absence of sound it forced me to listen to my inner self bound for ascension drowned in enchantment penchant for a place beyond this crowded third dimension so I guess I'll just take it day-by-day whatever it is the wind may blow my way in the journey of life I'll stay concerned with discerning the strife take flight and earn my place in the light

I can't wait to be home again/lost my faith/I'm alone again

I can't wait to be home again/lost my faith/I'm alone again/bound to ascend

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Bound To Ascend Lyrics

Presence – Bound To Ascend Lyrics