Here's the little fella' that saw the guy.
Hi, my name is detective Mertok, what's yours?
Don't tell him your name!
Don't tell him your name or else he's gonna put you in
And you won't see your mom!
No, no, no, it's all right, I'm not gonna put you in
Come on, what's your name?
(No! ) Don't tell him your name Alfred! Oop...
Oh, this, this is Alfred, hey meet Alfred, this is
Alfred, Alfred hi!
How old are you, Alfred?
Six years old... I'd bet you like the Go-Bots.
Is that a real gun?
Yeah, yeah this is a real gun.
Do you kill people?
No, if some guys hurting someone, I try to shoot him in
The leg or something,
Just to stop him.
Mama says policemen shoot black people.
Is it true?
Yeah, is that true?
Is it true? (in background)
Maybe, I'll get the kids some... Ice Cream! I-I-Ice
You like ice cream?
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Alfred Do You Like Ice Cream Lyrics

Preschool Tea Party Massacre – Alfred Do You Like Ice Cream Lyrics