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Needing You Now Lyrics

Prepp – Needing You Now Lyrics

Uh Yeah, it's Prepp
Well baby I'm like lately I been in my feelings
And like I been thinking bout what we had
Us what we could've been
Seems like I can't let you go you know or anything like that
I just want to say I love you

Love goes up then goes down I'm needing you right now
I'm Needing You Now
I say love goes up then goes down
I'm here alone sitting right here and I"m needing you Now
I'm Needing You Now


If I told you how I feel would you feel the same
If I she'd a couple tears baby would you feel my pain
And I know lately baby you been gone and I ain't been the same
And lately I been thinking you been running through my brain baby girl
And I said I changed
And I ain't even running no game
Baby girl you just a picture ima put you in my frame
Yeah uh and I said I just can't move on
Feeling like Kuzco I'm just trying to get my groove on
Uh and I can feel the change in the weather
I know love has it's down and I can make it better
Baby me and you together that just sound better cause me and you together we can do whatever
Yeah and I'm just asking for a second chance
I know I messed up the first time but this my chance
To do right and never do wrong
Cause I been missing you every since you been gone


[Verse 2:]
Yeah And I need you here up in the summer
Yeah I say salutes to my sister Summer
Yeah cause you she always held me down when my head was getting hot and I was feeling like a clown
Yeah and I called you my little pumpkin
Yeah I say salutes to my sister Londynn
Yeah cause she be your bestfriend me and you together we just ex friends
Uh and I do not like the sound of that
Baby girl I'm a pilot so you know I be an acrobat
If loves the highest peak baby lets go after that we in the next book where the chapters at
Uh I say we went from this to that Uh and then we went from this to this
Yeah and you know you the girl that I miss and when your friends around I hope you do not diss
Cause ima show you off to the world
Yeah you don't never have to worry about another girl
Nah cause they cannot take your place
And when they come up to me talking just get them all out my face
Uh cause I really don't like that I sent you some message baby just write back
Summer sent you a dm on twitter baby type back
Cause I hope you gone like that

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