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Waiver (Skit) Lyrics

Preme – Waiver (Skit) Lyrics

[Throat clears]

[Phone ringing]

“Hey this is Jim”

“Hey Jim what’s up, it’s Matt. Um, yea I just got your message. I don’t even know what to say, I mean, I don’t understand why he’s denied.”

“They uh, really take an issue with the fact that, he hasn’t had enough time to reflect, on the seriousness of his crimes, and there is the sort of standard 5 year rule. Which until August of 2 thousand and thirteen he’s not really gonna reach that point, because that was his most recent which was obstructing a police officer, and that was on top of his cocaine charge. And then, despite the fact that he was actually acquitted of the gun charge, they can take that (incoming call beeping) in consideration or in light of the other two charges. What they do is, they look too-what was the media coverage on those 2, on the possession of firearms. They see that, they see the evidence, they don’t know the detail, because it’s not actually part of his constructive record, it’s not part of the RCMP. But we can review that and see; it really doesn’t look like there’s been a lot of rehabilitation, because there continued to be issues with the law. So that’s-that’s not something they’re gonna articulate but that’s just the practical nature of it, which is, 2 thousand 8, 2 thousand 6, and then you know most recently, he uh, an acquitted charge, but you know one that indicates that there still has not been, a complete removal, ah from what are you know, considered to be bad elements.”


“And he’s not gonna have an opportunity to uh, actually have a conversation with anybody”
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