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Life With You Lyrics

Powfu – Life With You Lyrics

Lately I've been feeling like I used to
New me puttin' on a pair of old shoes
No stress, feelin' bright but not bright blue
No stress, feelin' right when I'm with you
Can you guess why, you'll prolly guess right
I know that you the one, I don't even needa check twice
When I look at you, and you look at me
I can feel it, or maybe I just gotta pee
Just playin' I love it when you laugh
Anything you want, all you gotta do is ask
You da' one I want, you da' one I choose
You and me on the same team, never gonna lose
Love is patient, love is kind
This is a chance, once in a lifetime
So, I won't miss, or mess it up
All we need is God and our hearts full of love like

Hearts full of love

Lemme take you out we can go for a drive
Through the night till we see sunshine
Wanna spend more time with you
I wanna waste my life with you
Let's run away and explore this place
Just tell me the time or day
Wanna spend more time with you
I wanna waste my life with you

Yeah you're super-duper, I'm super into you
Look at all of this shit I did for you
Lookin' back I shoulda asked you sooner
My high-school days coulda been a lot cooler
But I was young and dumb and didn't know shit
Nowadays you're my only focus
Shine bright like the sun, eyes like the ocean
Girl you got me feeling like I drank a love potion
My honey, my highness, man you da' finest
No matter what you sippin' tho, wine can define it
Never seen a girl look quite this nice
You like a fairytale but this is real life so

Lemme take you out, catch a movie, get a bite
I can be ya' gentleman, you can be my Snow White
Times can be tough but, this a new chapter
Stories can be sad but, we happy ever after
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