Prone to the grave, the dark side you walk
In the light of the morning we fall
Confront the brave, the rebel we stalk
When we came - When we saw - We conquered them all
Blessed when we die, confessed not a lie
In the still of the Night we awake
Don't dare to cry, when fever up high
No escape - No break - Your life we will take

Gone with the Night
When the Unholy Demons of Dawn
When the Sunlight is dead we're reborn

We are dead until Dark - When the Night is calling
Dead until Dark - And at Midnight high
Dead until Dark - And at Dawn we all will die

We are dead until Dark - When the Saints are crawling
Dead until Dark - And the Demons fly
Dead until Dark - We unite the bloodred Sky

Cursed by our Fate, the undead Crusade
For the Sanctum deep under your skin
Raise up the Blade, by Night we invade
For the last - Of times - The fight may begin
Murder Bizarre, Nocturnal we are
When we rise like the Phantoms of Dust
Sent from the Dead, we long for the Red
For in blood - In God - In Heaven we trust
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Dead Until Dark Lyrics

Powerwolf – Dead Until Dark Lyrics