Wind and light surround me what a sign
All my dreams are still alive on my wings I've learned to fly
In the silent world of the night
A soundless melody
Whispered so that I couldn't hear
'Never thought I could be so alone

I feel the mortal extends like fire
Anytime we don't laugh
How could we know
When life goes on and on

Wind and light they keep me holding on
Make me feel I'm free and be right
Endless sorrow - sudden there's light
In the land where nobody can find me
'Close my eyes and I go into hiding
It's the same that we all fear
" Am I just the only one in here?"

If I could know what my heart is missing
To feel every second every sound of life

Feel awake - I'm tired of losing
I've seen the edge of the world
Lost and lonely but alive
When we need to be alone
Aim at light to carry on life

Wake me till I die let me feel alive
When the lights surround my eyes
I still believe there is hope to find
In a world of so many ways
And endless corridors
I run through all the doors tonight
Just to leave the maze and follow the light

Define the word that we lost somehow
Before I surrender to the emtyness

Feel awake - I? M tired of losing
I've seen the edge of the world
Lost and lonely
If you believe you are going under
There's no reason to hide
It's time forgive me and I try
We can't make it all alone
Send me wind to carry on life
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Wind And Light Lyrics

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