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Temptation Lyrics

Pouya – Temptation Lyrics

[Prod. Zona]

[Hook x2]
She lay on my bed
Thoughts running through my head
I wanna see this bitch leg's spread
I wanna beat her till that bitch start to beg

[Verse 1]
You never gon' meet someone like me so bitch pop that pussy for me in your [nike's], no
I will not take off my white tee, [no]
She don't like when I act politely so
I choke that bitch out till she scream and she shout
Baby bone Pouya, word's slur out the mouth
Bitch going down she know I'm from the south
She love when I'm in but she hate when I'm out
With other bitches she know I'm a stunna
Blowin up my phone I'm about to change my fucking number
I taking yo shit, ho leave it for the plunger
Pussy looking like it came out of tumblr
Bust on her face, always keep the sheets clean
Still not the one for talking I just pull up to the scene
But really there's no problem 'cuz I always keep it G
You thinking about your ho, but she worrying bout me

[Hook 4x]

[Verse 2]
Let me do what I do, don't be mad 'cuz them bitches ain't fuckin with you
Spread your legs like butter let me see what you do
I can't believe what I'm seeing, man I'm loving the view
No complaints when I tell her ima pass her to the crew
She already knew the play like the coach's do
Hater's creepin' in the shower like the roaches do
Get that money that's what I have to do, bitch

[Hook 2x]

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