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Kombat Flow Lyrics

Pouya – Kombat Flow Lyrics

Two B Two S [?]
Two B Two S [?]
Two B Two S [?]

Two B Two S [?]
And I’ma rep that to the grave dirt
I'ma keep running till my feet hurt [x2]

Two B Two S [?]

You jealous ass rappers ain't nothing to me
It ain't my fault your girl coming for me
Then she go to you talking about can you cover for me
Break jaws then I bust on her double d’s
Gotta do me everyday of the week
Got a bitch that only bump The Weeknd
Then pretend she a fan of my shit
“Get Buck that’s my favorite song that you did”
That’s not true that’s not true
Your bitch choosing me
Fuck that let me ash on your tits lil bitch
Let me show you I’m not really shit
Let me beat it till I’m feeling nauseous
Spread em like Moses
Black flame hocus pocus
Focus and devote it
If I really feel like running the game
I bet I overlap anybody running my lane


Jealous ass rappers ain’t nothing to me [x2]
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