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Fat Hoes Lyrics

Pouya – Fat Hoes Lyrics

[Verse 1 - SDotBraddy]
In high school yeah I never was the confident type
Couldn't be cos' a nigga liked to stereotype
Big dick loud mouth you know the arrogant type
Or the kid that skateboarded wore his jeans too tight

[Verse 2 - Pouya]
The white boy with the long hair everybody looking at
Ether the stage, eat for days off of rap checks
Went from a couch to a house to a mountain
Lonely to two titties bouncing

[Verse 3 - Germ]
I been that nigga that you love to hate
Fade to black with the mac in the back of the ford bronco
Hella hoes with the blow straight from the Gulf Coast
You know how that shit go
I been down with the bullshit

[Verse 4 - SDotBraddy]
These hating ass niggas irrelevant
Can't see the light they shine so I call Mr. Edison
Moving on up like the Jefferson
Niggas and bitches so hating but blame it on the estrogen

[Hook - Pouya x2]
Fat hoes got the warmest pussy
The mean hoes got the stank cookie
Skinny hoes suck dick like they hungry
Pretty hoes suck dick like they ugly

[Verse 5 - Pouya]
We movin' from city to city
Count racks by the 50’s
You with me or not?
Got no time for no iffy’s
Sticky situations
Cuz I been in the lab
I’m a dog in the basement

[Verse 6 - Germ]
Sack tap for ratches
Fuck how you had it
How'd this happen?
When I’m tweakin'
Leakin' semen in these pretty little demons
Fuck how you feelin'
Forever a heathen
Fuck you beat me when you see me

[Verse 7 - SDotBraddy]
It's apparent that I'm not embarrassed
That I grew up with Fairly Odd Parents
And you wonder why it cost more
To live this lifestyle someone died for

[Hook - Pouya x2]
Fat hoes got the warmest pussy
The mean hoes got the stanky cookie
Skinny hoes suck dick like they hungry
Pretty hoes suck dick like they ugly

[Verse 8 - Ruby da Cherry]
Ruby ain't got no hoes just a bitch boy tryna fight me at the fucking show
I told that pussy oh no told that bitch go home
Called a bitch no phone
So cold
No snow
Just a foe with a tag on the toe

[Verse 9 - $lick $loth]
$carecrow the schizo
Mouthful of drugs
Shadow looking motherfucker with a face full of blood
You want none
Bitch I’m Ledger
Walls cave back
All directions

[Verse 10 - Ruby da Cherry]
6 bitches on my dick but i ain't gonna fuck
6 stiches on my dick i guess i ended up cutting
But I don't remember nothing
I was full of fucking drugs
And i was sick of fucking hugging so i told the bitch to suck it now i'm ducking

[Verse 11 - $lick $loth]
Don't pull no pussy
Cos that shit's for pussies
Who never get pussy
While I turn it down
Bitch I'm Satan with the AK
Shooting at the public
Say they got a problem with the $uicide
Then they can go and suck it
Psycho motherfucker
Grey my fuckin' color
Death the fuckin' subject
Every time I'm buggin'
Weed up in the oven
Fuck the undercover's
With a dry

[Verse 12 - Ruby da Cherry]
Fuck the police
Means I fucked a bitch cop
Fuck a cop, bitch
Bust 6 shots in an undercover thot
Now she under the covers sucking my cock
Got the block so hot so I had to put the shit in my sock
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