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Playa Down Lyrics

Potna Deuce – Playa Down Lyrics

Girl, I don't love you

[ CHORUS 1 ]
You know you gotta be paid
If you want to come jump in my cool-Aid

[ VERSE 1: Baby Beesh ]
I'm from Vallejo, California where the players dwell
Where the game and the city run parallel
And don't trip, tie your shoes when you about yo scratch
And don't let a bitch be the reason to funk, that's
A move used by them aliens, man
You better stick to your plot and to your game plan
And eh, cut me with the fiasco
And bring that ass, hoe, and all that cash flow
And touch down when your game is tight
And trust not a motherfucker, ain't that right?
And don't play the role of a lollypop
And don't trip, hit a hoe if the bitch say stop

[ CHORUS 2 ]
Cause she don't got me stressin
Girl, I don't love you
It's these player caps I'm bustin
Girl, I don't love you

[ VERSE 2: Chezski ]
Chez quick, Chez stop, never ever me
Another player with the long-ass-gevity
And to the hoes out huntin for up my wallet
You gets poundings daily up with my solid
It be them ones that's foldin cash
Not the PH punks swollen ass
So Tallyhoe and tell a hoe
About the young playas mobbin' in Valley-Joe
( ? ) as I change I switch, I watch
I trust Mr. Heckler and Mr. Crotch
Not a stank to set me straight
Have my baby want bank and lit the lley
I goes about not like a trick
But a player recognizes she's tossed quick
Feed 'em game, feed em, mang, feed 'em dick
Playa down, play her cool like Pimpin Slick

[ CHORUS 2 ]

[ VERSE 3: Rube ]
I don't love ya, I don't want ya
Couldn't stand ya when I boned ya
Strikin through mean to be seen on the triple ( ? )
Ain't got time for the diggers with the zipper schemes
Can't let my mail land in my big hand
I'm in the game sinkin like quick sand
Play her good, never would go out sloppy
Some fools fall off short, but not me
So come on y'all and watch me do this one
I'm the Rascal of the crew, the foolish one
So all you silly zaps, here's for yo safety
I goes ( ? ) when I'm off the old gravy
Fool, pay me, gimme what I work for first
Playa down so non-rehearsed
Game tight all night so satisfyin
You won't catch me on no danceflo' butterflyin

[ CHORUS 2 ]

[ CHORUS 1 ]
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