Standing Alone Now, Waiting For Someone
For Somethin', Somethin'
Alone, O Hitchhiker, O Poor Man
In A Strange Land, A Strange Land

Please Understand, Like Make-believe, Or On T. V.,
A Holiday
Standing Alone, Standing Alone, Standing Alone

Livin' Is So Hard, Wanna Not Know It, Oh Around
Midnight Gonna Be Losin'
Gonna Just Dream, Ya, Gonna Just Dream, Ya
Oh, I'm Fallin' Again
Hooded In Darkness, Aminous Consumes Us.
Oh, It's Just So Real, Oh, It Consumes Us

Standing Alone Here, Waiting For Somethin'
Or Someone, Someone
Standing Alone Now, Livin' In A Place
Of Emptiness, Emptiness

We'll Make Believe, Or Make Up Some Truth,
Or Call'em Lies, Misunderstood
Standing Alone, Standing Alone, Standing Alone

Livin' Is Sad, Wanna Not Feel It, Gonna Try Do Right,
Gonna Just Turn It Around
Livin' Is So Hard, Hope I'm Gonna Make It
No I'm Mistaken, No I'm Mistaken
More Than A Letter, More Than A Statement
Life Is Just So Short, Wanna Do So Much
Never Can Take It, Never Can Take It
Never Can Take The Emptiness

Standing Alone Here, Like A Bad Dream
Running In Place, Time Is Money
Wasting Away, All Of Our Lives
Are Meaningless And Incomplete
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Standing Alone Lyrics

Pothead – Standing Alone Lyrics