Hear me out I'm all about it
My work rounded
Still doubt it
Got largely crowded
My gunshowers
Enormous powered
Preliminary groundwork's
Very bonded
We on your nerves
Where we swerve we observe the market (word)
I was the first to gain urge started a research
A major outburst it gets worse they wished
That I reversed rut I rehearsed gathered the
Flock the dock's loudly heard
Goddess potential my credentials stack some rowdy work
We celebrate when revolution takes place
We run dubs play it in clubs
My deep bass got the crowd embraced (mix it up)
It took some time to reach this you accidentally
Read my thoughts it left you speechless
I found your weakness
Correct procedures features the highest teachings
The recipe remains I got new ingredients
Cause I start where most end they have fallen
They can hardly pay respect I'm charging

Just living this life
To all my peoples that suffer worldwide
During this life that we're living so long
Doing the things that we're doing all wrong
We in a struggle for living this life
To all my peoples that suffer worldwide
During this life that we're living so long
Doing the things that we re doing all wrong

I watch us all face the limits
Wonder 'bout life and how to live it
On behave of the freedom we'll be going for the riches
Money's addictive my plan's to cross bridges
And spend dough on the fam 'til my hand catch blisters
It's bullets that my tongue manufactures gun practice
Choking adamsapples leave 'em breathless
Investments the mind stashed knowledge for life
I socially Guide
Provide swallow my pride if I need to survive
I used to get stressed when I was younger
What couldn't kill me
Made me stronger always seemed older
A fast life married to my future and my past wives
I'm all vibes like Israel like Horace Andy in the light
My shines limited still trapped set free the
Prisoners we're just visitors
No longer make use of ya privilege
A one way ticket back home we're leaving don't ask why
We got 'nuf reasons


This life although we suffer this life
Although we don't like this life
We got to live this life
We wanna leave and meet palmtrees Caribbean
Seas more sun and more heat thirty degrees
Celsius we burn leaves white sand on the beach
Holograms of Rastafarians still giving their speech
Living in peace live free escape from the beast
Enjoying my breeze my mind at ease pressure released
Watch the mountain bleed water to supply fruits we eat
From the trees in the shadow put my soul to sleep
Visions of eve garden deceased western belief
Snakes breathe through all our unborn seeds
Cipher's complete
Totally annihilated for ones greed
Things done changed the world turns in high speed

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This Life Lyrics

Postmen – This Life Lyrics