Ego..* Trip's "Book of Rap Lists" P; 114. Music *..
first Grand..
Puba - "Step up front "!Ahh
Milk, Dee - "Step up front "!A
Priority Posse - "Step up front "!To
my mom and my dad - "Step up front "!Uhh
c'mon, Yeah.. c'mon, Yeah..
baby c'mon Uh.. c'mon, [Verse..
One] Let's
discuss this - listen while I bust this It's
from the K so, hey you can trust this Rhyme
ritual rap my rap spiritual Pumpin
and jumpin from, the max to the minimum I
don't moan and groan I, take it on For
floozies I bone I just leave 'em alone I
need a clear head in order for me to win it So
baby "Hold, up - hey Wait! a minute "!Uhh
yeah, Uhh.. c'mon, Yeah..
baby c'mon now Uhh.. c'mon, [Verse..
Two] On
the square - I'm not riffin like Andy Griffith Just
fed up goin, head up with, competition Don't
excluse or place no restriction Gotta
qualify to be in my jurisdiction Razzle
dazzle, burn, you to a frazzle Soon
you say you don't need the hassle I'm
too hard to be soft too, loud to be a duck And
if you are well then look tough luck It's
not your world so don't work at no resentment Tryin
to front on a three-hour rap segment I'm
the one so f k**your attitude I
got a chip on my shoulder plus, I'm in a bad mood You're
huffin puffin, bluffin, for nothin Come
out your face word, is bond I hurt somethin Rockin
your knot puttin, a wop in your bop Hittin
the spot just, like an insulin shot So
whassup Hobbes I'm? all in it "Hold
up - hey Wait! a minute "!Yeah
Uhh.. yeah, baby c'mon Uh..
c'mon, [Verse..
Three] Well
uhh boom, batter sissies, don't matter Sorry
homeboy my pockets is gettin fatter
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Step Up Front Lyrics

Positive K – Step Up Front Lyrics

Songwriters: DARYL GIBSON
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