Two sides to every story
We didn't stay that out if we'll take time
Two sides to every story
You tell yours and I tell mine

Well, where were you last night when I came home
When I came in you were out and gone
Well I waited up till up to two then I went downtown to look for you
So how's about tellin' me where you were at

Well me and the boys stopped off for a drink or two
(Now ain't you a pretty thing)
Well we got to drinkin' and I guess that time just flew
Well the time must've flown for you alright

'Cause I thought you're gonna stay out all night
And I told myself I ain't puttin' up to that
There's always two sides

You said, you went downtown to look for me
Did you have to dress up fancy as could be
You know I never leave the house you know Jacky clothes lookin' like slut
And I's downtown just to look in my best for you

Now I'm not accusin' you of doin' wrong
But that's awful late for you to be out and gone
Now look who's talkin' bout bein' late and I went about to sit and wait
Why you were at that when with no tellin' who

There's always two sides, there's always two sides
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Two Sides To Every Story Lyrics

Porter Wagoner – Two Sides To Every Story Lyrics

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