Love's just the word for boy meets girl when you know it's fear we've found
You're scared of me and I'm scared of you - we'll never get by without it
The things I do that don't include you, sometimes it grinds you down
I know you'd do anything just to have me around

I never say I love you, I don't think you expect me to
But there's no mistaking that special feeling when I'm inside you
When I'm inside you

The fear goes round till it goes bust, it's all so sad about us
The things you've learnt with your fingers burnt
Is nothing changes nothing much


The things I do don't help me
What can I do - I know it's crazy
But these things are always on my mind when I'm inside you
When I'm inside you (x4)
When I'm inside you (oh yeah) (x4)
When I'm inside you
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Inside You Lyrics

Pop Will Eat Itself – Inside You Lyrics

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