Run away. I will follow. Carry on. What can you say?
Even now, when the walls come down,
I see the hope of solution in there somewhere.
Time again, I can see it coming.
In the end, I'll be waiting for you.
Talk it out. I will listen. Hot and cold, there's no way.
Even now, when the world comes down,
I'm at the point of confusion. What to do?
Dark again. I can see the shadows.
In the end, I'll be waiting.
Shout it out. What's the difference? It will just bring you down.
Even now, when the lights go out.
I always know it will happen once again.
Back and forth, she can't settle.
Here it comes, hell.
Talk it out. What's the matter. I can't take anymore.
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Split Second Personality Lyrics

Poor Jim – Split Second Personality Lyrics