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Burnt Out Star Lyrics

Pond – Burnt Out Star Lyrics

[Verse 1]
She was looking forward to some time without a guard
Scattered small, shitty hair, but so am I
I grew up in Derby and you grow up way too fast
Death haunts the bars
You just wanna lie of the grass
Well, I can wait a while
I can wait a while

Burnt out star
Burnt out star [?]
Where you are (you are)

[Verse 2]
Our perfect body that they'll never tear apart
First they'll have to tear my head from your heart
She said you're romantic if I didn't use the door
Safe to say I don't see windows the same no more
I can wait a while
I can wait a while, yeah

Burnt out star
Burnt out star [?]
No matter where you are (you are)
Try understand
Who you are

What am I?
I might go and shack up in Tasmania
Before the ozone goes and Paris burns
And Australia
Who knows, who

Can see that you gotta
You gotta [?], you gotta [?]
[?], ooh, hey
Remember 1917
Remember 1917
I can see that you gotta
I can see that you gotta [?]
Hey [?]
Old lady with bad feet
Wishing that [?]
Rain is getting hard but it doesn't fall
Doesn't fall so hard, hard, hard, hard, hard
Remember 1917, 1917, 1917
[?], woo
See that you gotta
Break, break, break it down
And the rain is getting hard
Ha-ha-ha-ha-hard, woo

See that you gotta, see that you gotta
1917, 1917
1-9-1-7, 1-9-1-7
See that you gotta, woo
1917, 1917, 1917, 1917
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Songwriters: Nicholas Allbrook, Jay Watson
Burnt Out Star lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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