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Lux Lisbon Lyrics

Pom Pom Squad – Lux Lisbon Lyrics

I've got a sinking suspicion
Maybe something in your tone
That you would leave me here
To find my own way home

You can take my peace
Leave me rotting like the leaves
But I won't ever let you say
You cared about me

My collar in your fist
Pulling me into your kiss
And suddenly I knew my body
Was not my own

You push and I give way
Collapsing inward like a cave
And I feel naked without taking off
Any of my clothes

In a crowded high school dance
In a cloud of peach alcohol
I let myself get drunk on the idea
That you loved me

Cause in here I'm suffocating
But out there I feel so small
What a wonder to be anything at all

When I hear your pretty words
I should be listening to the sound
Of my feet against the ground
In the opposite direction

How do you expect me
To figure myself out
When I can not tell the difference
Between bad and good attention?

Everybody telling me
That "life goes on"
Meet me tonight in the garage

I'll show everybody
Telling me that "life goes on"
Meet me tonight in the garage

Meet me tonight in the garage
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