(Narration:) Before the day began there was a hum. This
Hum began to flow across the universe. This flow created
A dream in the young boys mind before he awoke. This
Dream was one filled with awareness, tragedy, and finally
Triumph. He saw his life as one day that lasted until the
End of time. He knew that before the sun could make it's
Way to it's rightful place that he had to come to an
Agreement with chance. This agreement was one of
Awareness that his life was meant for something
Spectacular. He was chosen to dance in the flow of life.
Everything was interconnected and that the sun was woven
To his spirit and his spirit was woven to every other
Spirit in existence. This created a blanket that allowed
Him to dive without fear into the unknown and conquer the
Challenges that lay before him. He dreamed of broken
Stars and diamonds and what he saw filled his stomach
With a cool brisk wind. It was as if wonder had been
Placed in his mind for the first time. His chest filled
With air, up and down, as the night air blew through his
Blonde hair. He held a lasting thought of self worth and
This thought brought destiny to his waking eyes. The
Night was over.

(Choir:) Love, love, love, love...
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Section 20: Together We're Heavy Lyrics

Polyphonic Spree – Section 20: Together We're Heavy Lyrics