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Ho' Stories Lyrics

Poison Clan – Ho' Stories Lyrics

Intro: Madd Ball
Yo JT check this out right: 'member back in the days niggas was
skippin' shit right you know fuckin' with the hoes and see we used
to kick lil' rhymes and shit hey I want you to some of the SAME
shit man! ...
JT: Uh! One two!
Madd Ball: Take us back in the days I want you to do this one for all
the boys 'round the way you know what I'm sayin'? Same shit 'bout
all those stank bitches.

Verse 1: JT Money
Hey yo, met a hoe named Sonia
Said "Hey, baby doll, let a nigga get on ya!"
She was with it, but one thing -
She had one leg and walked with a cane
I couldn't tell 'cause she was sittin' real pretty
Bug fat ass and some FAT-ass titties +whistles+
When the hoe stood up,
Trying to balance herself, I'm like, What the fuck!?
I was givin' her plenty play
I ain't wanted to be rude, so I fucked the hoe anyway
I only did what I could, +grunting+
'Cept for one thing about it, the pussy was good
I threw that leg to the ceiling,
Long-dicked the hoe, and the bitch started squealing
+"Ahh! Ah! Ah! Ah!"+
Like a dog in pain, then the bitch
Started cummin' and yellin' out my name
+"Ahh, JT!! JT!! JT!!"+
Then she wrapped that leg 'round my waist,
Held me close and said cum in her face
Now you know I was wit' it
Put dick in her mouth, and the silly bitch BIT it!
Damn! I pulled it out quick
+"God damn! Stupid BITCH!+
Now I got teeth-marks 'round my dick
I hit that bitch like a man,
Mad as fuck, swollen dick in my hand
Now I'm in pain, so I
Beat that bitch-ass with her own cane
+imitates beating noises+
Jumped in the Bronze,
Kept the bitch' cane and made that bitch hop home!

Madd Ball: Ha ha ha ha!
JT: And ya don't stop! Silly bitch won't bite no dick no more!
Madd Ball: No dick, hoe!
JT: Silly bitch won't bite no dick no more! Crippled hoe, what you
gon' do??
Madd Ball: What you gon' do?? Hey man, that's the SAME shit, boy,
that shit FUNKY!! Hey man, ooh, lemme pass - pa -pass the fuckin'
joint - go-o-o-od damn! Kick one more, J!
JT: Yo, check it out ...

Verse 2: JT Money
See a bitch on the bus stop, so I must stop
Conversate a bit, try to slay the bitch +"Yo, wussup baby, wussup baby?"+
See, I'm a nigga that's out to get it
And if the hoe down with it, best believe I'ma hit it
See, any hoe'll pass
I fucked this fat hoe with dimples in her ass
On heavy sense, dick hard as fuck
And all I seen was this fat-ass slut
I was only crackin' for a little head
Fat bitch' body slammed me on the bed
Then the bitch might've tried me
She got on top and tried to ride me +"Oh!! Ohhhhhhhh!"+
Couldn't overthrow her; she was 300 plus,
Big fat greasy-ass stank ram slut! +Whew!+
And she refused to get up
>From my chest to my knees was all wet up
Big bitch was a freak
She turned me over n' started lickin' up my butt-cheeks
+*lapping noises*+ Then I got into it
Said "Please! Don't squeeze my ass when you do it! +"Oh shit!"+
She must not have liked the taste
'Cause she stopped eatin' ass when I farted in her face +"Thpppt!"+
But I ain't wanted to quit
I'm on that thing and with a hard-ass dick!
Bitch! I ain't tryin' to play fussy
Pushed her on the bed and took that fat pussy! Peace!

Madd Ball: Go-od damn!
JT: Ha ha, yeah, for 1992! Yours truly, JT motherfuckin'
Money the Bitchizer!
Madd Ball: In the house.
JT: You know, yo, for the people out there who be wanna
throw a nigga in jail, the lyrics in this song is, y'know what
I'm sayin', fake shit names, nothin' but hoe stories ...
Madd Ball: Fake shit; ain't for real!
JT: ... I'm sendin' this one out to my manager Hop, you
know what time it is, Hop! One time for my nigga Madd
Ball, Shorty T ...
Madd Ball: It's your boy.
JT: ... Uzi, my nigga Ram, one time for the whole Clan ...
Madd Ball: Big nose!
JT: ... my nigga Leveke on the beat, Eddie on the board ...
Madd Ball: Blood claat Eddie!
JT: ... yo, Poison Clan's signin' the fuck outta here.
Madd Ball: And we outta this motherfucker just like that,
haaaaaaaa, ya stank bitches! This ain't nothin' but hoe
stories, all y'all hoes, y'all know what time it is, you're
the ones we talkin' 'bout! Ya stank fat BIIIIIIIIITCH
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