There's this Motherfuck who wana step on us
A spirit wana put us in his godamn bitchin fuckin lines
Discouraging air he wants us to breathe
Sure fail truth—the son of a bitche's guiding light
Destructive, deceitful fear should be detected
Resist this bitchin as an entity
Cos those thorns will grow and crush your motivation
Fucks up your destination!
Fuck oppression
And degradation
Of self perception
Burst out free

Hey look within that's not suppose to be
Free from fear, that's what we ought to be
So stop and make it known to your soul
That you can choose or will to be
Free from fear, and oppression
And kill the thorns that you allowed
To fuckin aim at you

Just you will it, when you choose
Anti shackles burst out free
Live a life & not intimidation
Anti shackles burst out free
Fuck oppression & degradation of self perception

If you tolerate this shit then you'll get the worst buttfuckin
I'm makin it a damn point that you shouldn't be pushed in
To the tiny cage of thorns that fear made you manifest it
That son of a bitch, a motherfucker will mock you up everyday inside
Everything inside are gonna be a threat
To your heart, mind, core, & soul—
And self respect—and self esteem
So what the Motherfuck are you gona be suppose to be then?
Just another fucked up punk who'll die many times
Before the main course death comes
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Point Click Kill – Bayli Lyrics

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