Chrous: We are going to get throw this no matter the cost.

It been some long that I had to write this
But now that my fouse
There nothing they can say
Cause they are going again the best
And know we will win
Sometime it can get hard but that ok
Just never give up on yourself
And you will see that there
Nothing that no can say
Cause our love will last and we can do this all day
Cause chrous: same as the top
Hold on tight and don't let go
Of the power of the night when all the star's start to glow
Feel so good that this got to be right
Want you by myside loving you all throw the night
Can feel my power of love
Taking you to newer high's.
Just remember everything will be are right
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We Are Going To Get Throw This Lyrics

Poetry And Motion – We Are Going To Get Throw This Lyrics