I gave my heart away
It came back like a boomerang
Busted up and split in two
By a woman on the loose

Don't know how much I can take
I can't stand another break
I'm not up to getting used
In a game of win or lose

Excuse me
But I think I got the blues
She tried ho use me
Now She's onto someone new

It's essential that I must
Find somebody I can trust
If I'm puttin' in the time
I need it somewhere near the line
That we can draw if it gets too weak
And one of us wants to leave
From a broken love affair
It's time to clear the air

Excuse me
L've been a fool ina world of two
She's tried to use me
Now she's on to someone new
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Boomerang Lyrics

Poco – Boomerang Lyrics

Songwriters: PAUL COTTON
Boomerang lyrics © LEN FREEDMAN MUSIC INC.

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