Standin' in the rain... lately I've been thinkin of wearin myself thin
So let me roll up my sleeves and let us begin I haven't been this
Happy since my daddy took this young mc to the movie dead poet's society at the gloucester cinema
Now I'm staring at the moon and I'm thinkin about my pa those years spent in ottawa
He would drive while I would write and draw, in the shotgun seat let me recite
What I saw before he got married had the responsibilty to carry
Each year he would buy a new car, I remember him driving an old beat-up jallopy, and not blowing his check at the bar

He splurged and bought the family a vcr, his whole body would shake holding back the tears the sad scene in the movie and the reality that it mirrors
That's the trait of him that I love the most I don't see him much now that I'm on the west coast,
Graveley to Commercial down to Hastings and Main, BC famous for it's downpours of rain,
Downpours of rain... downpours of rain, downpours of rain
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Driving Lyrics

Po' Girl – Driving Lyrics

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