The verdict's in, court is closed, payment's due
It's karma collection day
And all around the world there's people saying:
Weapons? Check!
Are you ready? Yes!
Let's get it on with these devils
I don't know if there's hell below
If so, let's kick them to the lowest level
We march with gas in bottles, zip guns
And pipe bomb power
We march, legions of ants, to devour this mega monster
All members of the international bad guy league take note:
We laugh and cheer and celebrate
Every time that you get smoked

I was there at Nasaria
I was there at Diem Bien Phu
I watched you on cnn
Stripped to the ass for the live broadcast
Happy children parade your remains through the streets

I saw you in Montevideo
Stuffed plastic in the trunk of a car
Ask Aldo how it feels
Because tonight, tonight
Everyone dances or nobody dances
To celebrate a midnight verdict
Scrawled in blood on the discotheque walls

You've got hands and a heart
And friends that share a gut feeling
A blueprint for combustion
Send the emperor's assassins reeling
There's something on the horizon
It's the terror of every scoundrel
A flock of enemy combatants come to take away your power
Pressure points and arteries, at home and overseas
Capital gains have jugular veins
We've got sharpened steel and muscle

I saw you in Mogadishu
I was there on the morning of Tet
We have a date and we won't forget
That tonight, tonight, we lower your earthly remains
All over the world, we recite your last rites,
A joyous celebration
A holiday to serenade your memory into oblivion

Back to hell
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Karma Collection Day Lyrics

Please Inform The Captain This Is A Hijack – Karma Collection Day Lyrics