Hook: Fuck a, fuck a Wannabe BITCH!
Say Goodbye to your mamie and say hello to your great granny
Fuck a, fuck a Wannabe BITCH!
Say Goodbye to your mamie and say hello to your great granny
Fuck a, fuck a Wannabe BITCH!

(Playa Fly)
Ibn is aiming at what you claiming, "you banging and spooking me"
I'm choosing to stand alone on my own me and D.A.B
And backed by Billy C-H- and I to the double L
And brothers like Mark and Tally who's minds haven't slipped and fell
By placing me on the scale and weighing me by the P
You will see that I'm full of P, to the T ain't no G in me
A fella from SPV, Fly fuh fucking a wannabe
IBN who you fuckin with, so your shit in it I will be
I'm packing attacking, meanwhile them bosses be macking
And Mr. Krim looking grim, from the way you wannabes acting
Intelligence you be lacking, not a lizick (lick) of common sense
Super duper and neutral and to the future and past tense
Lil Flizy ain't hookin, Fly ain't folkin' or none of that
Even though you be lookin, and placin jackets upon my back
I keep my pimpin' intact and lay the facts upon the table
And fuck a wannabe who living my a record label, Bitch!


(Playa Fly)
Now that Fly got your attention, mane sit and listen to what I say
I mention a situation we facin' in everyday
That shit that I start to see, It just don't agree with me
Imitatin' a person, that petty shit, well that's new to me
The bottom of Playa feet are found on a higher ground
The sound I be putting down, make this Playa world go 'round
I'm spoiled with a silver crown clown, need a five to six
Sevens where I'm dwelling, sent from heaven and its up to me
On my way past number 9, higher than a fuckin' town
What's you thinking, I thought it, and now you bought it without a dime
You mind is all in a bind, you blizind (blind) leadin' the blind
Overdose of this holy dope, now my flow will leave you behind
So go catch up with your kind, cuz my kind don't wannabe
Playa hated, associated by bustas who envy me
Lil' B double O-N-E, many peace that be unto you
IBN, who be in the house, I know that you want it too.


(Playa Fly)
Many suckas be floggin', bigger bustas they marking
Ask me why when I'm high, your mega shit I be stopping
Start you bustas to rockin, cuz I'm bumpin' what's in me
Ain't no floggin' or fakin' or double tradin' just pimpin
I be spittin' to bitches and other niggas who itching
For this here Playa Fly dissing, ho open your ear up and listen
Many folks they don't knizow (know) about these lyrics I flizow (flow)
When the beat let me gizzow (go), so Fly can fire up this hizzow (ho)
D.A.B, what you see

A lot of nothing, but wannabes
Claiming titles and neither and disrespecting authority

(Playa Fly)
On the real, they annoyin' me, from the way they adorin' Fly
Many suckas who knowin me, claim they flowing that make me cry
You try me you wanna try, but this Fly will never lose
Have you cussin' and fussin' all in the dust and sangin' the Blues
Bill Chill only real witchu', Allah who we rollin' with
And phony Lil' Bone and Bill Chill, Carlos P., Fuck a Wannabe Bitch!!!

Hook: (till end of song)
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Fuck A Wannabe Lyrics

Playa Fly – Fuck A Wannabe Lyrics