Hey Hey Hey Hey Heyah Hey,
I'm thinking about you, I'm a loveshy baby
Got to got to gether gether be strong
Cuz I know our love will be coming and I won't be loveshy anymore

Verse 1:
Sometimes I run when I wanna stay,
Cause of the life that were living,
You gotta watch what your screaming,
And when I see you I wanna hide,
I'm a little afraid of the feeling,
But look at you boy am I dreamn',

And deep inside is a love,
Caling out your name,
But I'm not the kinda boy,
To pay the price so just we can play,
Don't think that I don't wanna get involed with you,
It's all I wanna do why don't you try to understand me,

Reapeat chorus

Verse 2:
Try to be patient I know it's hard,
But it will worth a while,
Whos still kinda single,
And when you fell of attention straight,
Remember that the love is a reason,
Cause it's a life don't confuse it

You know I spend the first saturday nights,
On the telephone where I can get in touch on your face,
For the emotion takes my mind out all the time,
For now the sun is shining I wont be love shy anymore,

Reapeat Chorus x2

I've be watching you watching me,
And I know your on it,
I'm a little love shy boy,
So why don't you put your number on this paper,
Maybe I will call you later,
I need love I need trust,
Anything you got for it's all good,
I like it like that I like it like this,
I know I'm shy boy,
But I know you'll like this,
So take my number come on over be my souljah boy,
And when your over,
I will show you how you shout it boy.

Reapeat Chorus x 2
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Love Shy (Thinking About You) Lyrics

Platnum – Love Shy (Thinking About You) Lyrics

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