All god's children hatin' on each other
And waitin' for the world to end
Reading the Koran reading revelations
And hopin' for a happy end

Well all god's children are linin' up
Waiting for the first spot by the gates
Some want to talk to angels
Some are waitin' for a very hot date
Some things you touch and feel, some things you take on faith, yeah
Hey sonny, strap this bang-bang round your waist
And hang out in a crowded place
All god's children

Well all god's babies are innocent
At least they're born that way
All god's ladies in the firmament
Do they get the virgins like the good books say?
I think you lost me on this stuff about heaven and hell, yeah
Run that by me again how the fallen angel fell, yeah
Keep on ringin' those bells

(Repeat refrain)

Hebrew, hindu, catholic, baptists
Episcopalian gone mad
Equal-opportunity nutcase
Dyin' for a Jihad
So park this car outside the mall
Push the button, that's a good lad
But don't you ever get the feeling that
Maybe you're bein' had
All god's children
All god's children

(Repeat refrain)

Well all god's children are linin' up
Tryin' to be the first one through the gates
Some want to talk to angels
Some are gettin' ready for a real hot date
God's children...
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All Gods Children Lyrics

Planet P Project – All Gods Children Lyrics