Love, love
Love tastes like strawberry cheesecake
I stay away from it

We all know bliss doesn’t last
My sugar levels realize

That love tastes like strawberry cheesecake
I’ll skip it night and day

A little drunk time for a tea
My meal is done I might just leave

Smooth cream defeated by a spoon
My lips have just been kissed
We all know love doesn’t last
Although my heart is getting fat

Love tastes like strawberry cheesecake
Measuring the strength
Like strawberry cheesecake

Why on hell can’t I just try
Eating food good for myself
Feeling love that’s great and light on you

I just want to let it go
My diet you should have become
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Strawberry Cheesecake (The Dessert) Lyrics

Plajia – Strawberry Cheesecake (The Dessert) Lyrics