Here's to us by pjds
Well I'd better save a nickel
For the nightporter
To keep him awake some more
'Cause when I came
Home last night
They'd burned a black cross
Over my door
I consider myself strong enough
To survive a plague or two
But the whole world
Has gone thoroughly mad
And I'm scared
They want me to hurt you

Here's to us baby
One of us can fall
One of us can crawl
And still our love is all

I hate hating people
But you know sometimes
I do hate loving them too
When they mix up their troubles
In the coctailshaker
Of the few things that I do
The world is full of people
And good intentions
And I'm sure that
The world true
But I only want to share
My life with the world
That lies hidden inside of you

I'd better keep a close watch
On our house and on
Everything it holds within
This land may fall to pieces
(And of course we'd care)
We would still have
A place to live in
Oh I know that everything
Had been done before
You're listing to
You'd better save
A nickel for the nightporter
He may have written this for you
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Here's To Us Lyrics

PJDS – Here's To Us Lyrics