In a place where no one's wise
An old man walks alone
Soon a child will fill his heart
Of hope, light and dreams

He looks the child within her eyes
Never knowing what she feels
Touches her could soul, and says:
"Come with me to hell..."

[Chorus (x2):]
Hear the wise man

Look inside, look inside
No one can find the way
No one waits for the sign

"Hold my hand
Reach into my thoughts
Find your desire and you shall be mine 'till we die"

[Chorus x2]

His life will never be reminded
As a life of pride and justice
Since the day he spoke the words
And sorrow took over his soul

Anger - An ever-constant feeling
Freedom - the right to fight for glory
Walking - the line of innocence
The way we see will make you even stronger

One last time to make believe
The prophecies, the destiny
On every child there's a dream
Of a Messenger of God
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Intro + Messenger Of God Lyrics

Pitch Black – Intro + Messenger Of God Lyrics