We've taken our chances,
Betting on us is an easy way
To lose... I lose again.

If we don't wanna be here,
Why do why take these same old roads?
Why can't we learn?
I'll never learn...

I've got fuel in my tank and I'm on my way,
And I'm not looking back if you wanna stay

Just give me your hand, I'll pull you up...
I'm not coming down...
I'm not coming down again.

I'm up in the clouds,
I'm fading into the Milky Way.
No gravity is holding me.

I'll change my number,
I'll change my name, I'll change my face.
See, I don't care what's down there.

I've got fuel in my tank and I'm on my way...

I don't care if I burn up against the sun,
I am air and I'm light,
I'll keep rising on.

Now I know I'm alive much more than ever,
Let the sun burn my eyes, no more stormy weather.
If you look to the skies then you can see me...
Let me pull you up...
I'm not coming down.
(Don't waste the sunrise, don't even close your sleepy eyes)
I'm not coming down.
(Come with me high above this empty world we'll rise)
I'm not coming down.
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Coming Down Lyrics

Pistola – Coming Down Lyrics

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