This is just a little note taped inside of my
Medicine cabinet. Some reaffirmation, attempted
Reincarnation of who I once was--and it's not
Regression if I used to be a better person and
I just want to be him again. This is just a little
Quote from some dead author living on my shelf.
Some cheesy old cliches that I repeat every day
Inside my head--and with notebooks full of reminders
Tucked all under my arms I could get through the
Day if I could just get out of bed. I'll tell
Myself a thousand things, a few of which I may even
Believe--and I'll tape up notes that someone
Else wrote and construct meanings to my dreams
And hope I can convince myself I know what
Anything means by tomorrow.
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Fine Food 5:15 Lyrics

Pink Razors – Fine Food 5:15 Lyrics

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