Everywhere you go, all the people part and leave.
They let you walk through, like Moses parting the Red Sea.
You think they all love you, they love everything you do,
So let me tell you now, they're scared of you.
So baby let me show you now,
There's a way to see why people wish you didn't exist.
So look through the mirror tell me what you see.
Look through the mirror, is that who you want to be?
Look through the mirror, let me show you,
Change your image and people will wanna know you.

Do you think it is good that people run,
Do you think it is great, do you think it is fun?
Do you find it hilarious when you make people cry,
I hated it that time you told me a lie.
Let me tell you, people hate you.

Now don't you see that there are better things to be?
Don't you regret all those times you tricked us, fooled us, lied to us, torchered us?
Just one more thing, there's a way to see, there's a better way, to shine.

Look through the mirror, isn't this who you wanna be?
Look through the mirror, we love you now, baby.
Look through the mirror, isn't this a better way?
Now go out there and shine!
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Look Through Mirror Lyrics

Pink Angels – Look Through Mirror Lyrics