I see the infinate sunlight 
Shining in my room through the skylight
I think to myself, who made the warm sun?

I see the leafs on the oak trees
Lookin out through the drive-through wendys
I think to myself,  Who created the seeds?

It just doesn't make any sense to me
How this was all made so perfectly
Does it make sense to you?

Who created this universe from nothing?
There just has to be something
There just has to be something good

Like this song, it didn't just make itself

Just like a watch that has a watchmaker,
This universe has a universe maker, and  he's called God
Yeah, he's called God

You and me didn't come from monkeys,
Ony monkeys come from monkeys, I know that's a fact.

The cells in our bodies didn't come out of slime, because we know that slime 
Well, it Doesn't make anything, it just stays slime, And I know that's a fact

It's also a fact that we came from something, not not monkeys, or sludgeballs, or infinate nothing,

Cause God made us all, and I know that's a fact.   
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The Watchmaker And The Universe Maker Lyrics

Pineapple Under The Sea – The Watchmaker And The Universe Maker Lyrics

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