I hate the worlds with it's sick fools
I spit them on with endless contempt
Plague of clergy and their dogmas
It's a place of corruption and false moral
Information from talking glass
Politicians plot the treacherous plans
My eyes see the cardinal difference
Between a pact with devil and their
No, it's deadly dose
Yes, I spit on them from my hidden
Cavern with hate into your faces
Nauseating mass of grey swollen brains
March to temples for beneficial words
Crypts fill out with forbidden thoughts
Connected to programme of manipulation
Bleeding eyes of hypocrisy leaking
Out from skulls
I put a spell on my enemies to paralyse
Their stings
Bleeding media of confusion snuck
To my nest
I stamp them on into deep cold grave
Of my infernal hate
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My Infernal Hate Lyrics

Pik – My Infernal Hate Lyrics