She's only into guys
Who talk in dollar signs
So please take warning from me
She'll spin a smile
When her legs are wrapped around you
When you know she's got you tangled in her eyes
You'll be so blind

She's a rich mans sorrow and a poor mans dream
She's gonna make you believe
She'll make a killing then leave

She'll do anything everything for the money
Won't take no black widow
Left me lying now I'm six feet under
Ain't nothing worse than a widow's greed

When she gets into your heart
She's got a diamond on her mind and it's time for her favorite part
(Her favorite part)
See her killin is an art
But you put it together too late
She had her poison in you at the start
(At the start)

And the Sargent cries
Come outside with your hands held high
But her guns and grenades
And the poison for her pray line the floor
And they're pointed
At the door

Ain't nothing worse than you crawling over me
Yea and it's the last time
It's the last time
It's the last time
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Black Widow Lyrics

Pigeon Park – Black Widow Lyrics